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Reveal a radiant, confident smile with teeth whitening in Colombia. Our expert dentists provide safe, effective, and affordable treatments for a stunning transformation.

Teeth Whitening Medellin, Colombia

We know the difference a beautiful smile can make. Having a nice smile gets people’s attention right away, it can give you confidence and it reflects good oral hygiene. This is why Colombia Care Dental is committed to providing affordable teeth whitening in Medellin so your smile can glow!


Colombia Care Dental is committed to revive your smile without emptying your wallet.

High Quality.

Our Dentist has years of experience and has completed the procedure thousands of times.


Many quick fix services claim teeth whitening miracles. However, only a trip to the dentist guarantees you lasting results.

Phillips Zoom Whitening Medellin

$250 USd

Interested in permanent teeth whitening?
Consider Veneers.

Composite Veneers

Also referred to as composite bonding or resin veneers, composite veneers are the best option for a budget-friendly smile makeover. Learn more in our blog post about it!

Porcelain Veneers

The standard option for smile makeovers. Porcelain does not stain over time keeping your smile perfectly white for decades. Choose this option for a great looking makeover.

Zirconia/Zirconium Veneers

Simply the best option for smile makeovers. Zirconium or Zirconia is the most resistant material in dentistry. Choose this option for the best makeover.


ZOOM teeth whitening It is a bleaching dental procedure that works with a LED light. This LED light helps improve the dentine and enamel of your teeth. The ZOOM LED whitening light and uses a whitening gel that has an active ingredient of Hydrogen Peroxide and as it breaks down the oxygen and enters the enamel and dentin in your teeth, it bleaches color substances without impacting or damaging the structure of your teeth. ZOOM whitening technique takes less than two hours.
Yes, our teeth whitening procedure is safe for your teeth and will not cause any damage to your teeth.
ZOOM teeth whitening may cause some discomfort but it is minimal. Since ZOOM whitening uses an LED light system, it minimizes the potential for pain or teeth sensitivity. Some patients may experience more discomfort than others, but it also depends on how sensitive each patient’s teeth are in general.
By following your dentist’s post whitening care instructions, your teeth whitening results will always be apparent. To keep your teeth whitening results intact and your teeth looking their best, it is recommended that you floss, brush twice daily and conduct occasional whitening touch ups with night whitening gels or whitening gels. These are typical professional formula, medical-grade products that are designed to keep your teeth bright and white and are available through your dentist.

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