How does the whole process start?

During your free first consultation for veneers in Colombia, Dr. Melguizo will perform an aesthetic analysis of your teeth in order to help you identify the characteristics you want for your smile. Following this initial consultation, we will set a date for a follow-up appointment if you need time to think about your options. Additionally, we can set a date for the procedure following this consultation. Find out more in our blog!

What is a dental veneer?

A dental veneer is a made up of a thin layer of restorative material that is directly placed over the surface of each tooth to improve the aesthetic appearance of a tooth. A veneer can also be used to protect a damaged tooth surface. Veneers help cover uneven tooth alignment, worn enamel, spacing, chips or cracks. Veneers can be used to provide a total smile makeover by helping create a brighter, whiter smile with perfectly aligned and shapely teeth in just a few visits.

What is the difference between composite and porcelain veneers?

There are two different types of materials that can be used to create a dental veneer: porcelain or veneer. A composite veneer is indirectly fabricated by a professional dental technician in a dental lab. A composite veneer is then placed on the surface of each tooth using resin cement. In contrast, a porcelain veneer is made of porcelain and very strong in nature. Because of this porcelain veneers are superior in strength compared to composite veneers and also last longer.

Can I personalize the veneers to fit my style?

Absolutely! We want to make sure you get the best veneers in Medellin on YOUR terms. Before we mold the veneers, you get to choose the size, color and fit to make sure you get the smile you want. Next, once you have decided, we either send it to the lab if you choose porcelain veneers or directly apply it to your teeth if you chose composite veneers.

How do I know that the Veneers won't stand out from my other teeth?

The answer is perfect Shade Matching! As part of our top quality laboratory, we provide shade matching technology that enables us to perfectly match the color of your other teeth so that your veneers look just like your other regular teeth. That’s our guarantee as the number 1 cosmetic dentistry provider for the best veneers in Medellin, Colombia.

Do you include any post-care as part of your service?

Yes! We provide you with an occlusal guard to wear while you sleep. This will protect your teeth and prevent damage from grinding and clenching so your veneers will last!

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