How Cosmetic Dental Treatment Can Change Lives

Deciding that cosmetic dental treatment may be for you can be daunting, you’re awash with questions such as “How will I find the right clinic?” or “How can I be sure that my goals are understood and met?”. Taking time to research the prospective cosmetic Colombian clinic is vital in being able to make an informed choice.

We recently saw a lovely lady who had been conscious of her teeth and smile for as long as she could remember, she spent vast amounts of time on line searching everything from cosmetic dentists, porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, private dentists and as a result had to read up on a number of dental clinics in Colombia.

This client decided that together with our 5* Google Reviews, our before and after smile gallery along with the wealth of information she received upon her inquiry stage that we could be the clinic she had been searching for . This lady attended a comprehensive smile makeover assessment and on meeting with our popular cosmetic dentist Dr Guzman felt we were indeed the right cosmetic dentist for her.

It was decided that in order to achieve this lady’s smile objectives she would benefit from having ten upper porcelain veneers and lower tooth whitening carried out.

The decision to seek out Colombia Care Dental and have porcelain veneers was made all the more significant by the fact that this lady is between careers and intends on going through many networking events and job interviews.

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